N-ovation Technology Group will optimize your company's networking infrastructure using proven business strategies and industry standards. We help prioritize, manage, and meet your business challenges through innovative technology solutions that include network engineering, systems integration, and project management.


Network infrastructure can be a major capital expenditure for an organization – and it’s a cost of doing business. It is critical that your network infrastructure is designed with cost, scale, resiliency, and high availability in mind. N-ovation's industry-certified principal engineers use best-practice designs and methodologies, with a goal to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). With extensive technical expertise and real-world experience, N-ovation engineers specialize in creating highly available, scalable, and resilient network infrastructures for organizations of any size.

Network Engineering


Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is flexible and modern, enabling organizations to scale up and keep pace with user demands. Ready to transition to the cloud? We can help.

​N-ovation engineers can create a cloud instance just for you, using the cloud service provider you choose. We take the raw compute power of the cloud and build on top of it, adding an operating system, web server, database, and middleware to support your applications. We also provide secure access to your cloud instance, using a virtual private network (VPN) and SSL technology to encrypt each session, giving your teams fast and easy access to applications and data without compromising security.



Project Management

IT projects can be challenging. Let us manage them for you! Our experienced project managers function as a single point of contact for groups during every phase of your project, from initial sizing, deployment, and steady-state operation. We provide proactive, regular communication, so you'll always know what's going on. Best of all, N-ovation project management services can minimize disruption to your IT staff, so they can stay focused on critical projects already underway.


Guest Wi-Fi

N-ovation engineers are experts at building and deploying wireless enterprise networks at large facilities such as hospitals, hotels, retirement communities, and government buildings. Our Guest Wi-Fi networks offer visitors fast access to the public Internet from their mobile devices while managing their access with automatic time-outs and content filtering.



N-ovation’s WayFinding solution offers indoor GPS to visitors so they can more easily navigate through large building complexes such as hospitals and conference centers. Using a set of technologies – interactive maps, location services, kiosks, and mobile apps – the solution can provide turn-by-turn directions on iOS and Android smartphones. WayFinding takes the stress out of getting from Point A to Point B, and it can be safely deployed on low-security wireless networks such as Guest Wi-Fi.


Whatever the challenge may be, N-ovation Technology Group is ready to partner.

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